Friday, January 13, 2012

A January Beach Party!

I'm a stay at home Mom that loves having the option of working AND being with my kids! BUT this week has been a long one and with the snow keeping us at home more than usual we were all going a little stir-crazy! :) Lets just say we all have cabin fever!

The kids had been asking me all day if we could go somewhere... do you kids ever pester you all day to leave the house? I have three very social little people living with me and they always want to be in the car going shopping, to a friends, house, anywhere! :) So, after being asked for the thirty seventh time today I decided to take the kids to the beach. I know it's January, but the kids thought a beach party was a fabulous idea!!

I put on their bathing suits, got out their sunglasses and brought out their water table for some winter water play. It was great! It kept them entertained for a long time and because I used warm water in the table they didn't get cold. I found an old comforter laying in our basement and used that for our "beach blanket" and let them splash away. The blanket soaked up most of the water and the rest of the "mess" was helpful for mopping my floor. :)

It was the perfect activity to sweep away the winter blues and a great photo-opp! ;) We had a blast and we didn't even need sunscreen!

I love this next photo of my daughter signing "I love you" to me!  Love her!!!

This next series of shots is what happens when Mommy suggests getting a group shot! There are many more where these came from, but I picked a few of my favorite outtakes for you to laugh at! Getting these three to sit for 2 minutes is impossible!!! :0)

And my favorite...

Do YOU have any suggestions for indoor, toddler friendly, cabin fever activities you want to share with me? I'd love to hear your ideas and see your photos from your family adventures! :)

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