Thursday, April 12, 2012

A miracle baby! {Maine Baby Photographer}

Oh sweet sweet Austin! What a treat it was to photograph him and his parents! 

Austin came to me at 5 weeks old and yet his due date to be born wasn't for another 10 days!! He arrived quite early and surprised everyone by being perfect. He stayed in the hospital for a few weeks to work on his eating coordination but was amazingly sent home with no medical issues or concerns. A true miracle baby! 

I was sad to miss his mom's maternity session because of his early arrival and we couldn't do "newborn" photos within 10 days of him being born because he was still in the hospital but still at only 6 pounds, his 5 week session went great! He filled my baby craving for another few weeks! :)

*Just a reminder to anyone out there thinking about booking a newborn session... all newborn sessions done in 2012 will receive a gift certificate to use towards their baby's 6 month photo session! A little gift from me to say thank you!*

Oh sweet baby parts...