Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A beauty and her cowgirl boots! {Maine Children's Photographer}

The day of Kilee Mae's photo shoot it had rained, been sunny, sprinkled, poured, and then the sky decided to repeat the cycle. Yes, we live in Maine so that is the typical weather pattern but choosing whether or not to do photos was a hard decision. Mom and I talked and decided to risk it. Many photographers know that you cannot get your camera equipment wet (or maybe I'm too paranoid) but when it started to rain I grabbed my umbrella and we kept on going. Kilee didn't seem to mind at all and Josh, mom's boyfriend, became my personal umbrella assistant! (THANK YOU JOSH!) 

You would never know that the weather was so unpredictable from Kilee's precious smile and it was well worth the risk! She's SO adorable! :)

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