Monday, June 25, 2012

A Tea Party for Two! {Maine Children's and Family Photographer}

This family session was great except that it was about 100 degrees outside! Boy were we HOT! And it was also a mix of a little bit of everything. The focus was on sweet 4 year old Emma and new little sister Abby who was 3 weeks old, but we also incorporated some extended family photos and some other photos for the family too. I had a great time with this fun family and hope to see them again really soon! 

This one makes my heart melt... 

Unfortunately little Abby was so hot and was so tired that she was crying pretty hard at this point so we decided to just snap the photo anyway for a memory, and the next photo after it makes me smile...

When her little sister wouldn't calm down, Emma bent over to try to soothe her... seriously, it was such sweet moment! :)


  1. Nicole these pictures are so amazing- I love all of them!!! My favorite little family in the whole world!!! :)

  2. They took my breath away! Love them all! Can not wait to meet Abby!